"When I first encountered Diner and Marlow & Sons, it was apparent that they had set a new standard for how restaurants can affirm a sense of place and belonging. I cannot think of another restaurant that has brought together the principles of craftsmanship, community, sustainability, and design so seamlessly as Andrew, Kate, and their family of Brooklyn restaurants. This book is equally a love letter to the staff and community surrounding the restaurants, as it is an essential read for the professional or home cook. It speaks to a better understanding of how to create food experiences that are eclectic, expressive, and seemingly effortless."

-Travis Lett

“I hate to think that my gluttony (which per se is a sin) causes a cascade of other sins such as environmental problems and animal suffering. Tarlow’s food corals my gluttony leaving it just at what it is: a love of eating well.”

-Isabella Rossellini

"Andrew Tarlow’s remarkable success as a restaurateur stems from his fundamental love of cooking - and then sharing what he loves with others. Dinner at the Long Table gives that same gift to home cooks. These are winning recipes, each infused with the warmth and joy that make Andrew Tarlow's soulful restaurants so compelling and memorable."

-Danny Meyer

“Andrew's restaurants are great and I assume these recipes are from there and not some other bad restaurant I don't enjoy. That would be very odd. I say - purchase this cookbook and quit reading my dumb quote.”

-Aziz Ansari